GSM Digital Cellular Communicator

Until recently, the primary role of the cellular communicator has been to provide a back-up method of alarm signal notification if the phone lines become inoperable or disabled. Currently, the cellular communicator is assuming the role of primary communication due to the emergence of Voice over IP technology and the lower cost of consumer cellular phone plans. Many consumers are eliminating "landlines" and use a cellular phone as their primary phone.

Certified Alarm utilizes Honeywell's AlarmNet line of cellular communicators. These communicators are capable of transmitting zone specific (Point ID) alarm signals using Honeywell's Vista Series of burglar and fire alarm control panels. AlarmNet communicators are also compatible with older alarm systems and alarm systems from other manufacturers by using the siren output to initiate the alarm signal to Certified Alarm's 24-hour Central Station.

A high security version of the AlarmNet GSM cellular communicator is available for U.L. installations that require encrypted line security.