"Not only is Certified's service and responsiveness first rate, but it is particularly comforting knowing that the folks watching our restaurant when we are not around are only a few blocks away. When we have had issues, I know that I'm calling a local number, and will be speaking with someone who not only knows my account number, but also knows who I am and knows my business. It's very reassuring."Actual Certified Alarm Customer
"For over twenty years we have relied on Certified Alarm for our security system. Our security needs grew from starting a business in our home to multiple businesses and our corporate campus in Roanoke, Indiana and Certified has supported us every step of the way. I would recommend Certified to anyone seeking top-notch security systems because of their professional and personal service."Actual Certified Alarm Customer
"We initially started doing business with Certified in 1994 with the first business we opened (Tasty King Gyros). In 2004 we opened Spyro's Pancake House on Blufton Road. Then in 2008 we opened our West location, we never even considered another company to handle our alarm systems. I love the fact that they're local & have enjoyed getting to know the employees, who have always been professional & courteous!"Actual Certified Alarm Customer
"Getting a call from Certified Alarm at 2 a.m. is not something I look forward to. Who would? It's an irritation. But I'm glad they're monitoring our facility. And when that call comes, the friendly, familiar voices on the other end of the phone make the bother bearable."Actual Certified Alarm Customer
"Safety and security are critical issues for us at AWS. Our long time partners at Certified Alarm are an essential part of our strategy."Actual Certified Alarm Customer
"Certified Burglar & Fire Alarm Systems has worked well to support our addition of new sites and their customer service has been excellent."Actual Certified Alarm Customer